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The “A Bit of Fry & Laurie” sketch archive

The books

  1. A Bit of Fry & Laurie
  2. A Bit More Fry & Laurie
  3. 3 Bits of Fry & Laurie
  4. Fry & Laurie Bit No. 4

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About this website

A wonderful archive of Fry & Laurie scripts once had a home at the now-defunct GeoCities website. Despite being last updated nearly a decade ago — coincidentally, the very day my website came into being! — barely a week went by without a visit from me.

Partly because of the annoucement that GeoCities was to close, but mostly out of devoted fandom, I downloaded the website, ran a series of RegExps over the preformatted text to mark up all the dialogue and generated this simple website to house them all.

It's not a straight port, however. Here are some of the changes:-

That old GeoCities website contained this note: To the best of my knowledge, all of these books are no longer in print. and a fairly lengthy disclaimer: None of the scripts found in this archive resulted from any work on my part. I have only created a means of accessing them. I was fortunate to have met an internet correspondence several years ago, who was kind enough to share his set of scripts, which he had painstakingly converted to html. I greatly appreciate his generosity. Both continue to apply here.

This website is an ongoing labour of love designed to preserve a long-standing treasure of the web and bring Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie's older work to a wider audience, rather than cash in on their creativity (save for a couple of Amazon Associates links). I really hope you enjoy it as much as I continue to. Here are some of my favourites to get you started:-