A Bit of Fry & Laurie

All We Gotta Do

Hugh strums a guitar and blows a harmonica. Then ...

Hugh The poor keep gettin' hungry,
The rich keep gettin' fat,
Politicians change,
But they're never gonn' change that,
But you an' me girl,
We got the answer right in our hands,
All we gotta do is ... Mumbles feebly. The winds of war are blowin'
And the tide is comin' in,
Don't you be hopin' for the good times,
Because the good times have already been,
But girl, we got the answer,
So easy you won't believe,
All we gotta do is ... Mumbles. It's so easy to see,
If only they'd listen to you and me,
We got to ...
As fast as we can,
We got to ...
Every woman every man,
We got to ...
Time after time,
We got to ...
... dka and lime ...

The world is gettin' weary,
And it wants to go to bed,
Everybody's dyin',
'Cept the ones that are already dead,
But girl, we got the answer,
It's starin' us right in the face
All we gotta do is ... Long pause. Then he goes back to the opening harmonica riff. Fade out.

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