A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Critics One

Stephen and Hugh are sitting in swivel chairs, with haircuts. They look and sound nearly as revoltingly smug, smarmy and unpleasant as real critics.

Hugh Simon Clituris, you watched that sketch ... I assume you were disappointed?

Stephen Well frankly, I thought it was predictable.

Hugh You predicted it, did you?

Stephen Absolutely, and I think that's why it was predictable. Their choice of targets was predictable ...

Hugh Estate agents ...

Stephen Where?

Hugh The target of that last sketch was estate agents.

Stephen I didn't notice that.

Hugh And of course their choice of language was predictable ...

Stephen Precisely. English was a sadly predictable language for them to have chosen.

Hugh Which is a shame.

Stephen A great shame. If you don't speak it.

Hugh A bigger shame if you do.

Stephen Hahaha.

Hugh Hahahaha.

Stephen But I suppose one could have predicted it.

Hugh I suppose so. Can you predict what their next sketch will be?

Stephen Oh lord, yes. A parody of "Treasure Island". Bound to be.

Cut to something that is as far from being a parody of Treasure Island as is emotionally possible.

Vox Pop

Hugh I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news. I was listening to the news.

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