A Bit of Fry & Laurie


Hugh sits on the edge of a desk and talks to camera, in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler, and assorted swastika-like symbols.

Hugh You know, there's been a lot in the news recently, about the rise of fascism. It's the next big thing, they say, but what exactly is it? What kind of music do fascists listen to? What do they wear? Are there clubs you can go to? Kevin, you're an old fascist from way back, what's it all about?

Kevin Well, what first got me hooked was the uniform ...

Hugh Do you have your uniform with you at all?

Kevin Well, I'm wearing it now.

Hugh Oh that's it, is it?

Kevin Yeah. It's very comfortable, hard-wearing, and I just ... I don't know ... I think I look good in it.

Hugh You do Kevin, you look marvellous. If I was homosexual, I'd want to buy you a drink at the very least.

Kevin Thanks. If I was homosexual, I'd have a pint of lager.

Hugh As it is, I like birds.

Kevin Me too.

Hugh Now Kevin. Music. What sort of music do you listen to? What's your thing? What's your bag? What's your ... I suppose what I'm trying to say is, what sort of music do you listen to?

Kevin Oh all sorts. Military bands, bit of Wagner ...

Hugh Because Hitler liked a bit of all that, didn't he?

Kevin He certainly did ...

Hugh Now, for the people watching, it's worth pointing out that Hitler was quite a big name in the Fascism business ... what, back in the seventies ...

Kevin Even earlier than that ...

Hugh Earlier than the seventies, wow. Right in there at the beginning. Like a sort of Elvis figure.

Kevin Yeah ...

Hugh Now tell me about Hitler. There's been a lot of stuff written about him, magazine profiles and all that ... what do you think he was really like?

Kevin He was a wild guy.

Hugh That's what I'd heard. I'd heard he liked to live on the edge ...

Kevin Absolutely.

Hugh Wow, that's really interesting. Did he have a philosophy, at all? I mean, was he a Kevin Lennon kind of guy?

Kevin The supremacy of the Aryan race was his sort of inspiration, I suppose.

Hugh Yeah, and a sort of segregationy thing, I suppose?

Kevin Yeah. Racial purity ...

Hugh Racial purity, all that stuff ... But of course, tragically, he died, didn't he?

Kevin That's right.

Hugh Drugs, was it? I think ...

Kevin He shot himself ...

Hugh Oh that's really sad. I guess he must have been depressed, or something.

Vox Pop

Stephen (as woman: holds up a Body-Form Ultra) It's ever so thin. Much thinner than conventional towels. That's an advantage. The disadvantage is that you need about twelve just to dry your hair. Conventional towels have the edge there, I feel.

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