A Bit of Fry & Laurie


Stephen and Hugh are going through letters.

Hugh Hello.

Stephen Certainly. You know, we've had, as you can see from these post bags, the most marvellous response to our Name Quest.

Hugh That's right. We know that a lot of you out there have known or met people who have amusing and unusual names.

Stephen So we asked you to write in and tell us about them.

Hugh And what crackers you've told us about!

Stephen (Reading) "There is a man who comes to wash my windows once a month whose name is Jervillian Swike. It always makes me laugh a great deal." That was sent in from a Mr Suckmaster Burstingfoam of Ipswich.

Hugh I'm rather fond of this one: "Dear A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, I was at school with a boy called Donald Duck and later went out with a woman named Soilia Piffin. Yours etc. Peter Cummin-Myear."

Stephen Five pounds on its way to you for that one Mr Cummin-Myear. Or how about this one "Dear A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, My wife's first husband was called Simon Coggie. I still split my sides whenever I hear that name. Yours faithfully Frigmy Popplehate-Fresharse."

Hugh Tremendous response all around. Many thanks to all of you who wrote in. Meanwhile ...

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