A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Small Talk

Stephen addresses the loyal audience.

Stephen When I was nine, oh fewer years ago now than I care to remember, hum, hum! my mother told me that in life one could either be an elf or a pixie. What she meant by that, I fully suppose you may be able all too readily to guess. But her remarks set me thinking and from that moment on I purposed to be worthy of her admonitions and advisalments. I suppose I can look back on my whole life as a kind of quest, a search, a hunt, an interrogation if you like. Yesterday was my birthday, I won't tell you which, because I hate you, and I celebrated it in fine style, in the company of a cold bottle of Chablis and a couple of prostitutes. I suppose in a sense my quest has come full circle, OR RATHER, my hunt is over and I can rest now. Goodnight.

Vox Pop

Stephen Well I personally think that the nineties will be the decade in which masturbation really takes off.

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