A Bit of Fry & Laurie

The Robert Robinsons

The Robert Robinsons each have behind them a word roller, like the one on Call My Bluff. To start with it says "The Robert Robinsons". Each time they ting a bell which is on the table in front of them, the word roller goes round and a new word appears.

Stephen Ah, well now yes, good evening. That much is certain.

Hugh Though tish ah, nay, hush and fourpence, Mr Dwyer.

Stephen And an extra point for being so clever!

Hugh Would that it were, would that it were.

Stephen Ah, indeed, would that it were, Mr Charteris, would that it were. They both ping their bells and the words "pompous" and "insufferable" appear.

Hugh Here's a thing, not that pish and tish.

Stephen I have a letter from a Colin Elgood of Carshalton Beeches telling me he turns his carrier bags inside out so as not to give free advertising to Mr Sainsbury and men of his ilk.

Hugh Nay men of his stamp.

Stephen Of his ilk, stamp and kidney.

Hugh You answer is better Mr Meredith, so much better but wrong, sadly wrong.

Stephen And an extra mark for being clever! They ping and the words "self-satisfied" and "fraudulent" appear.

Hugh Ah, we have a plump! Someone has plumped. Go on, Mr Harris, have a plump too.

Stephen Hish, tusk, ah now, it only remains for me to declare the Twee family winners of our little game.

Hugh An extra mark followed by this round of applause. Ping! The words "absurd" and "gasbag" appear.

Stephen Ah, the pity of it, the pity. Time, our old enemy, comes round again.

Hugh Nish, tussock, flimp and fivepence.

Stephen We bid you goodbye.

Hugh We bid you farewell.

Stephen But ah, though, flish, bish and trivvock, not for ever. Ping! The words "sod" and "off"

Vox Pop

Hugh (As policeman) There's method in my madness. Ha, ha, ha!!!!! (Madly)

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