A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Child Abuse

A fuzzy, amateurish-looking video shot of Stephen and Hugh in some kind of office. Record of an official interview. Hugh speaks softly and caringly.

Hugh Where did he touch you, can you remember?

Stephen Er ... on the hand, I suppose.

Hugh On the hand, I see. Which hand, do you remember?

Stephen Er ... right, usually.

Hugh Right usually, I see. Was it violent?

Stephen Well ... firm.

Hugh Firm. Firm. Alright. Now, I've got a doll here. Can you show me with the doll exactly what he used to do? Hugh brings out an Action Man and hands it to Stephen.

Stephen He didn't use a doll.

Hugh No, no. Pretend the doll is you, and show me what he used to do.

Stephen Right, well ... he would take my hand like this, and he would move it up and down a few times like this. Stephen shakes hands with the Action Man.

Hugh And this happened every day, you say?

Stephen Every day, when he left for work. Except weekends. He stayed at home at weekends, so there was no need for him to shake my hand, I suppose.

Hugh Right. And did he threaten you? Make you promise to keep this little secret of yours?

Stephen No.

Hugh You don't remember.

Stephen No, I do remember. He didn't threaten me.

Hugh Well, let's say that you don't remember not remembering.

Stephen No, I do remember remembering, because I remember thinking - I must remember this.

Hugh You're in denial.

Stephen I'm sorry.

Hugh Denial, is what we call the state that you are currently in.

Stephen Denial, as everyone knows, is in Egypt.

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