A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Dog Hamper

Hugh is striding about in the middle of a disgusting mall. He is rather pukka and excitedly leading the camera hither and thither.

Hugh It's extraordinary. I should say the house was exactly here. The front door must have been there, round about where that branch of Next is. Of course all around this area was our garden. When my dog Hamper died, border collie with the loveliest laugh, it was the saddest day of my life. Couldn't believe Hamper was really dead, but my father insisted he was. Harsh lesson. Learnt young. Anyway, part of the process of grieving is burial, so I buried him, I should think round about here, under this paving stone it must have been. Hugh kicks the paving stone and it comes loose. Whoops ... so much for 1990s build quality, eh? The whole slab comes off and a border collie climbs out. Good Lord, Hamper! I was right all along. Come along then, you'll be hungry.

Vox Pop

Stephen (female) You can't even trust professionals these days. I went to see a masseur, you know for a massage. Disgusting. He couldn't keep his hands off me..

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