A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Cocktail Ending 2: A Mug of Horlicks

Hugh and Stephen address the camera at the end of the show. They are in black tie and Hugh is sitting at the piano.

Stephen Well that's just about it for this week.

Hugh That's right. The clock has once again ...

Stephen Oh be quiet. So it's goodnight from me ...

Hugh And it's goodnight from me ...

Stephen And it's goodnight from me. We're going to leave you with tonight's recipe. This is for "A Mug Of Horlicks". You'll need some Horlicks, some milk, a teaspoon and a mug.

Hugh Huh, will I do?

Stephen I meant mug in the sense of a drinking vessel.

Hugh Right.

Stephen You will also need an idiot to hit on the head with your teaspoon.

Hugh Huh, will I do?

Stephen Admirably. (Hits Hugh on the head with teaspoon) And one two three, kick. Hit it Mr Laurie, if you'd be so very kind. Hugh strikes up a jazzy sort of riff while Stephen footles around with a pan of milk and a camping gas stove. Credits, if there are any.

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