A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Critics Two

Stephen and Hugh are in the swivel chairs again, being revolting.

Stephen Well of course what I found particularly disappointing was their choice of ...

Hugh Did that work for you?

Stephen What?

Hugh Their choice of ...

Stephen No it didn't. I felt it was a mistaken choice, a misguided choice, a badly chosen choice.

Hugh They could have chosen better?

Stephen I think so. And of course, if they had chosen better ...

Hugh Which they didn't.

Stephen Well of course not. But if they had, their limitations would have ...

Hugh I was going to ask you about that.

Stephen But you didn't.

Hugh I was going to.

Stephen Well then, yes. Just so limited, you see. And that was bound to limit them.

Hugh So they were limited by their own limitations?

Stephen Nicely put.

Hugh Thank you. That leads me on to another question. May I?

Stephen Of course.

Hugh Thanks. I wonder, is there a sense in which you're not completely revolting?

Stephen No sense whatsoever. I've looked hard for a sense, but at the end of it all I've come up senseless.

Hugh Does that I wonder tie in with ...

Stephen Precisely my point. Could one say, from any critical standpoint yet devised, that you are any distance at all from being utterly repulsive.

Hugh Ah. Now that's interesting.

Stephen Oh dear. Wasn't meant to be.

Hugh Never mind. There'll be other opportunities I'm sure.

Vox Pop

Hugh It only takes about ten minutes apparently, and when you come out, you look exactly like Keith Harris.

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