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Puppy Appeal

Stephen sits behind a desk, addressing the camera. There is an exceptionally cute puppy in his arms, probably a golden labrador.

Stephen This puppy, Snipper, is in most desperate need of help. Four months ago Snipper's mother died, and only three days later her father was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Barely five months old and an orphan, Snipper was also faced with the embarrassing and painful affliction of incontinence. It's a condition that we in the West don't talk much about: shame keeps millions of sufferers silent, but Snipper's incontinence was a source of great distress to her and rather than come to terms with it, she ran away, to London. It was on the way to London that Snipper was assaulted and abused by an older dog. You can imagine the effect this would have on an innocent puppy bitch like Snipper. She was totally confused, bewildered and hurt. We think that it is around that time that she was struck with traumatic amnesia, a total loss of memory. This, apart from anything else, made it very difficult for her to know where she was and what she was doing. She drifted into a life of scavenging and prostitution, selling her soft, furry young body just in order to stay alive. That was the life that she was living when we at the ASTL found her. We were able to give her food, warmth, and more than that - love, the one thing that has been denied her in her short and tragically unhappy life.

Snipper is taking an interest in life now. Her memory is slowly returning, which is how we've been able to piece together the details of her life, and with luck she will be able to lead a normal, happy and fulfilled life. But there are thousands of Snippers in Britain and we desperately need your help to carry on the work we are doing. We are an entirely independent charity, we receive no government funding and rely on public generosity to keep us going. If you're the kind of person who would like to help a Snipper then please send your donation, however large, to me, Stephen Fry, care of the BBC, instead.

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Stephen So I told them to stuff it. But they said it had been dead too long.

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