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Grandfather's Things

Stephen I was just sorting through my grandfather's old hairdriers the other day, when I came across this, wedged in the filter of an old Pifco Easy Tress Ultramatic. Holds up a small piece of paper. It's a letter addressed to my grandfather from the then Minister of Housing, Ernest Dalloway, later of course Lord Dalloway of Spalding. I'll read it to you, if I may. "Your letter to the Home Secretary has been passed on to me, as Minister in charge of urban development. I dream of covering your upturned face with a thousand burning kisses ..." and there's a bit more like that ... but, oh yes here we are ... this is the good bit, "I would direct your attention to Section 17 of the Housing Act (Urban) 1916, paragraph 5: "Where a local authority has given no other sanction," you furious ball of shining beauty, blah, blah blah, "the entitlement to grants under the scheme will come mandatorily into operation," please, please let me stroke your thigh. I hope this answers your enquiry in the matter of 14 Stanshall Avenue, I yearn to drink clarifed butter from your armpits, etc etc etc Ernest Dalloway." Fascinating little glimpse of history, there, I think.

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