A Bit of Fry & Laurie

Spies One

Hugh comes into the office. Stephen is sitting behind a desk.

Hugh Hello, Control.

Stephen Oh. Hello there, Murchison. How are you today?

Hugh Very well indeed as a matter of fact, Control.

Stephen That's good.

Hugh Yes.

Faintly uncomfortable pause.

Stephen So. Anyway. What can I do you for?!

Hugh Well. This just came through flash from Berlin, sir. I thought perhaps you might like to take a look at it.

Stephen Flash from Berlin, eh? Well I better had. We've got quite a few valuable agents in Berlin, haven't we? It might be something quite urgent, I expect.

Hugh Yes.

Stephen (Reading) I see Valerie has decoded it for me. That's kind of her. Saves me quite a bit of extra work. I must remember to thank her.

Hugh That would certainly be a nice gesture, sir.

Stephen Well, much as I expected. I don't know if you had an opportunity to look through it, Tony, before thoughtfully bringing it into me, but it is quite an urgent message from Firefly, our network head in Berlin.

Hugh Yes, I had time just to glance at the codename as I came in. Firefly is under deep cover. Has something quite important happened to make him break it like this?

Stephen Well that was the first thought that crossed my mind, Tony, certainly. It looks as if his network has been penetrated by an enemy agent.

Hugh Oh no.

Stephen Yes, I'm afraid so. All his men have been arrested. Glow-worm was shot attempting to cross over into the west and Firefly himself is hiding up somewhere at a safehouse in the east.

Hugh So the whole network has been blown?

Stephen That's right. It's a thundering nuisance.

Hugh It certainly is. Thundering.

Stephen I'm severely vexed, I don't mind telling you.

Hugh I expect a coffee would come in welcome then.

Stephen Well it certainly couldn't hurt, could it?

Hugh No. Not just one. I'll get Valerie onto it.

Stephen Thank you so much, Tony.

Hugh You're very welcome. Makes to go. Turns from the door. Let's hope it's not going to turn out to be one of those days, eh, Control? Like Thursday.

Stephen Oh! That's all we need! I don't know! See you later then, Tony.

Hugh Alright.

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